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About Dr. Hugh A. Hatfield, MD...

  • Graduated from university of [egg id=”15″] California Irvine medical school.
  • Internship at hospital affiliated with Emory medical school in Alanta, Georgia.
  • Family practice residency in Monterey County Hospital in California.
  • Endocrinology fellowship at University Hospital affiliated with medical College of Georgia.
  • First year internal medicine residency at University Hospital associated with University of Louisville medical school in Louisville Kentucky.
  • Second and third year residency in internal medicine at St. Jude’s hospital, Methodist hospital, and University of Tennessee Medical Center Hospital in Memphis Tennessee.
  • Fellowship in oncology and hematology at Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia.
  • Board certification internal medicine. Board certification in medical oncology/hematology.
  • Certification in IV therapies and chelation therapy through alternative medicine at ACAM.
  • Hypnosis therapist certification through SBHTC.
  •  Medical practice for past 50 years. Presently on central coast of California for past 31 years and continues with full-time medical practice.

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