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Bill Henderson’s Book and Cancer Coach Experience.

Approximately a year ago I read this book and researched many of the websites that he recommends. I have concluded that this book and the recommendations it makes regarding nontoxic therapy to both prevent and cure cancer is not only convincing regarding its validity but comprehensively identifies proof of its effectiveness. I without reservation  endorse the principles of this book and its author.

I am a board-certified medical oncologist and have been involved with the comprehensive evaluation and therapy of cancer patients for most of my medical career of 50 years. I am continuing to practice internal medicine but I am no longer practicing oncology. My philosophy regarding the treatment of cancer has evolved over the years to the point I am unable to conscientiously treat cancer patients with the only accepted allopathic/orthodox treatments that my license and my oncology certification will allow me to utilize.

One cancer patient who read Bill Henderson’s book and applied it to his cancer treatment made the following remark: “if every cancer patient in America were given this book at the time of their diagnosis, the fraudulent “war on cancer” would come to a swift end. Millions of lives would be saved, and the fear of cancer as an unstoppable killer would finally be put to rest. I can’t recommend Mr. Henderson’s book highly enough. Buy this book! Read it and become enlightened-share it with your loved ones, avoid your own cancer diagnosis or beat cancer naturally your self.”

Following is a summary of the recommended therapy for cancers of all kinds that Bill outlines in his book. He describes many proven natural non toxic cancer therapies in detail, many of which I have researched myself. I do not have any known active cancer and have no elevated cancer markers but I wanted to experiment by personally taking the list of non-toxic natural substances that he recommends as a comprehensive approach to “cure” and prevent cancer, to better evaluate what physical and emotional effects it has on at least a healthy person. I also changed my diet to fit his recommendations.

(The following products are available through many sources. Dr. Hatfield is not advertising any of the following but these are the sources the book recommends.) Although I do not treat oncology/cancer patients in my office now I am a board certified cancer physician and can help those with cancer or anyone desiring to prevent cancer to make decisions regarding appropriate treatment. (Spaces below provided for making notes should the viewer wish to print this page! You can PRINT DIRECTLY FROM THIS WEBSITE. Use the spaces to make notes and formulate questions and I will be available to help you understand and utilize the information.) 


  • Immune system stimulation-Transfer point beta-1. 3-D glucan. One 500 mg capsule per 50 pounds of body weight daily in the morning, 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything. This can be obtained, and I obtained by Calling: Phyllis Pipkin 1-855-877-8220




  • Cottage cheese/flaxseed oil “smoothie.” 3 tablespoons or 45ml of flaxseed oil mixed with a  immersion blender or mixer with 6 tablespoon of organic, 1% or 2% fat cottage cheese. Put in blender with berries and nuts, and pure water. Adjust to make to your taste. You can add a little organic stevia leaf extract if necessary. Blend on liquefy setting. Drink as soon as it is blended and do this twice daily. This is a component of “THE BUDWIG DIET”. This component by itself is a cancer “cure”, I Ordered flaxseed oil from Barlean’s at 1-800 445-3529 (Pacific time). Or you can get at any specialty organic store. Get all organic! You can add raw organic carrots, or other raw organic fruits or vegetables to make a complete meal.




  • Heart plus and green tea extract. Six capsule of Heart Plus, Two capsules three times daily. (This is 1000 mg Vitamin C, Rose Hips with Lysine and Proline) And one caplet of green tea extract three times daily. They should be taken together with food or between meals, it doesn’t matter. You can get both: You can also get the equivalent from many sources.




  • Barley power tablets: 20 tablets per day. Six or seven tablets about 15 minutes before each meal. The source for these tablets: Green Supreme Inc. at : 1-800-358-0777 Eastern time




  • Cancer fighting diet: avoid foods on the four NO’s list: Sugar, processed food; Dairy; And gluten. Try raw all vegetables plus smoothies and raw fruit blended into juice first. ALL organic if possible. Modify with animal protein only if it doesn’t work for you. For variety, eat gluten-free, sprouted bread products, flaxseed crackers, millet and Quinella cereals without gluten and with unsweetened almond milk, lentils, beans, seeds and nuts (no peanuts). I have been able to avoid meat completely.




  • Vitamin/mineral supplement: take two packets of daily advantage daily: Mountain home nutritionals: call at: 1-800-888-1415 Eastern time, or website 




  • Vitamin D3. Take 20,000 international units per day until your blood level test at 70 or above. Then back off to 10,000 international units per day. (Remember: gelcaps only). Get from Puritans Or from any reputable source.



The following information is DIRECT from his book or paraphrased.

That’s all, folks. If you follow this regimen diligently every day for about 6 to 8 weeks you will not just improve your condition; you will probably be “cancer free”. If you have not had any conventional cancer treatment chemotherapy radiation or surgery. If you’ve had some combination of these treatments this regimen has been known to work but you will need months not weeks to overcome the after effects of your conventional treatment.

  1. If at any time, you feel this regimen is not working for you there are literally 400 other gentle, non-toxic treatment you can try.

If you are able to establish by specific testing (leave a question on Dr. Hatfield’s comments section if you have questions in this regard) that you are cancer free DO THE FOLLOWING:

IMMUNE SYSTEM STIMULATION. Continue taking the beta one-3-D glucan daily but one capsule level, once a day. When you  feel some form of virus or other infection coming on, we immediately up the dose to the therapeutic dose for just a couple of days, or until the symtoms clearly resolve

COTTAGE CHEESE/FLAXSEED OIL “SMOOTHIE.” CONTINUE EATING THIS BUT JUST CUT THE DOSE ABOUT IN HALF. That’s what one should do every morning. We would never miss a dose of this wonderful mixture. If you want to ensure your cancer will not recur, please take this advice seriously

HEART PLUS AND GREEN TEA EXTRACT. Eliminate this combination but keep any supply you have handy in case you have a recurrence of the cancer. This can be continued as well because it is a HEART healthy therapy.

BARLEY POWER.  Cut back to seven or eight of these pills a day, but continue taking them at the rate of two or three before each meal. check your alkalinity at least weekly with a pH testing strips.

CANCER FIGHTING FOODS. You might relax this set of eating habits, it’s not a diet, but only slightly. For example continue to avoid sugar in any form and processed food in any form. Add a little animal protein fish chicken or eggs to your diet about twice a week. Continue to avoid dairy and gluten products along with meat beef pork, etc. Avoid all fake sugar substitutes unless you can get organic stevia leaf extract.

VITAMIN/MINERAL SUPPLEMENT. Continue to take the daily advantage at the same dose of two packets of capsules per day.


Before we explore other treatments, let us point out some of the features of this regimen which may not be obvious:

It addresses the four characteristics of all cancer, not just the symptoms. Those characteristics are: lack of oxygen uptake by the cells; excess acidity; excess toxins; and a weak immune system.

The “die off” of the cancer cells is gentle and occurs over a 3 to 4 week period. Usually, effects of this are quite bearable. However, there always are some detoxification effects-pain in the liver/kidney area, unusual bowel movements and urine, skin rashes, mild nausea, nasal congestion, fever, etc. All of these are quite normal indications as dead cancer cells  exiting your body. Medication you take for these symptoms slows down the healing process try to avoid taking any medications for symptom control.

Frequently, the cancer “markers” (particularly blood test like the CEA, the CA-125, etc.) Will show a spike in the level. This could last for several weeks. This is normal and is caused by the increase in “antigens” in your blood from the dying cancer cells. Frequently, this will cause unnecessary panic, especially if you are still listening to your oncologist. He/she may want to begin chemotherapy or some other toxic treatment. Relax and wait a few days

This is a very inexpensive regimen. For the first 6 to 8 weeks, I took the immune system stimulant at the therapeutic dose, the cost is about $155 per month. Of course in countries outside the United States, it will cost somewhat more because of shipping costs and custom fees in some countries. From the guest sources. After you are “cancer free” the cost to continue at the maintenance level is about $100per month

Please note that these estimates of the cost include a factor for the reduced price of your food. Most people spend far more on food now then they will when they change to more healthy eating habits.

These products are mostly available anywhere in the world. For example, our health co-op (heart plus and green tea extract) will ship to any country with a choice of shipping options. Green supreme, Inc. (barley power) will do likewise. Flaxseed oil and organic cottage cheese (also called “quark”) Are available in the health food stores in most countries. Ancient elements (Phyllis Pipkin) will ship the transfer point beta glucan anywhere. Dr. Williams daily advantage can only be ordered for shipment to US address. You will need to substitute another vitamin/mineral supplement and countries outside the US. The online vitamin D3 sources will ship anywhere in the world. Vitamin D3 gel caps are available anywhere.

If the cancer patient insists on following the chemo/radiation recommendations of the cancer doctors, this regimen will offset most of the side effects.

Bill Henderson developed this “protocol” over the last several decades, primarily with feedback from patients with cancer about what works. Causes of cancer that are first priority.

There are three causes of cancer which are quite common and which will preclude the above regimen (or any other regimen) from working until they are addressed.

In regard to emotional trauma and stress. There is a great deal of literature and documentation that proves that emotional issues and the stress they cause contribute to all types of chronic degenerative conditions. If you’re going to get well, you need to explore this aspect and do what you can do deal with and reverse this condition, if it applies to you.

A well-known German doctor named Dr. Hammer discovered after investigating or treating 40,000 cases (of which 12,000 were cancer cases) states that there is a particular area of the brain associated with each organ of the body. Emotional trauma, he says, always affects and organs function. Each cancer, he found, was connected with a particular emotion and emotional trauma. He has labeled his theories “German new medicine”. Needless to say, the medical establishment did not welcome his findings in fact he was persecuted in jail over the later years of his life.

From our experience, we agree with him that many (not all) cancers develop from emotional trauma and the stress that follows it. This stress can also be long-term-e.g. running a business, living in a difficult relationship, caring for an aching relative, coping with a difficult divorce, etc.


If you are experiencing this kind of stress now, you must address it and resolve it before you can recover from cancer. One of the great forms of treatment is called emotional freedom technique. You can begin researching this including list of practitioners at

By far, the most useful and practical approach to this problem is Dr. Brad Nelson’s book “the emotion code.” It is available at It is something we would try before seeking out any EFT or German new medicine practitioner.

Dr. Nelson’s approach is strictly self-help. It has worked for many people. The book helps people rid themselves of emotional issues. In almost every case, it was something that the patient was already aware of. Subconscious issues from the past can and does effect or influence the day to day function of the body.

I will be posting more about these treatments in the future.

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