Dental Root Canals and Cancer

Posted on March 22, 2016

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English: A diagram demonstrating endodontic th...

English: A diagram demonstrating endodontic therapy (colloquially known as a root canal) on unhealthy or injured tooth: first drilling and cleaning, then filing with an endofile, and finally adding the rubber filling and crown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The connection between root canal treated Teeth and the increased risk of developing cancer appears to be indisputable. First of all any invasive medical surgical procedure which leaves a dead body part in the body by severing it’s neurovascular connection to that now foreign body part prevents the immunological mechanism (which now has no blood or nerve connection) from its intended purpose. The immune system can no longer efficiently eliminate all the endotoxins and exotoxins from the myriad of bacteria that continued to grow in this gangrenous organ (tooth root). The result may present an impossible challenge to remove cancer cells which are allowed to overwhelm the immunological mechanism and the result is the formation of a malignant tumor.

There has been a broad magnitude of comprehensive compelling research that clearly lays bear the multiple systemic risks of root canal treatment including a wide range of degenerative diseases, including various types of cancer which is in essence of itself a systemic degenerative disease. Early research pioneers including Weston Price, Edward Rosenow, and Frank Billings did extensive research which clearly connected dental infections to systemic disease. This information was validated by Dr. Boyd Haley, the department chair of chemistry at the University of Kentucky, who identified the overwhelming toxicity of all root canal treated teeth.

The American dental Association attempted to discredit this research professing equivalent but only sham research to prove otherwise. It is abundantly clear that the American dental Association did not feel that scientific validation and positive patient results from appropriate treatment of root canal teeth disease is relevant. It is also clear to me that there is a significant disconnect between dentistry and medicine in regard to the cause and effect relationship between infected root canal teeth and systemic diseases which impacts all of the various systems of the body. Unfortunately a major portion of the primary effect includes the neurological system including all aspects of brain function, as well as the musculoskeletal system, the gastrointestinal system, the vascular system including the heart, respiratory system, and the renal, kidney and reproductive systems.

The dead tissue root canal treated teeth will become infected with pathogenic bacteria and this infection can and frequently does spread with endotoxins and exotoxins to other body locations and systems and cause very serious disease and illness. This pathogenic illness is not primary in the organ system but secondary from infected root canals. Usually and probably always or almost always the subject person does not feel any pain because the nerve connection to the dead root canal tooth/teeth has been severed. The infection is also not demonstrated locally as there is usually no swelling or gum disease because The endotoxins and exotoxins seep very slowly but continuously into the systemic lymphatics and vascular systems and do not have a local effect.

This certainly does not mean that everyone with a root canal will develop cancer. But it is factual that the majority of people who develop cancer have had a root canal. This fact seems to be born out by multiple research centers all over the world. The American dental Association however  makes a blanket statement: “that under no circumstance can a root canal treated tooth cause or contribute to systemic disease.” This is what is called a confirmation bias: The acceptance of information that confirms a belief system while ignoring information that challenges that already accepted belief system. This is because the American dental Association refuses to accept the possibility of a connection even with overwhelming proof to the contrary, and feels no compunction  or necessity to prove that there is no connection. This type of bias is the norm in the political apparatus.

Of course we cannot assume or even unequivocally prove that everyone who has had a root canal and develops cancer, developed the cancer because of the root canal. But in spite of what we don’t know we do know that the endotoxins and exotoxins from the seepage of bacteria into the systemic circulation overwhelms the immune system and cancer is one of the resulting effects. It only stands to reason that we should always avoid root canal treatment and always opt for an alternative therapy. Do not allow the dental system to convince you otherwise. Always get a second opinion from a holistic or alternative medical physician or source!

If you have already had a root canal the first thing you should do is be sure you have access to all of the information that will allow you to implement practical measures to strengthen and boost your immune system in order to prevent the eventuality of cancer. This is where my website comes in to play. I will be able to help you access and use the correct information that will help you maintain good health and prevent systemic disease and/or cancer. And in the event of the development of systemic disease and cancer this website is designed to help you find ways to treat this disease process with effective nontoxic THERAPY

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