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The pathway to my graduation from the university of California Irvine medical school in 1965 lead me through a very circuitous, and somewhat unlikely journey. Since I grew up in an agricultural environment and had a natural penchant for caring for and nurturing animals of all kinds, my educational focus and early career goals and passion was to become an animal doctor/veterinarian.

From a very early age I learned about the necessity of the closeness and interaction with shared responsibility in the community of our family. At the age of seven I was milking cows with my three brothers on a dairy farm in Glendale Arizona. We had many other kinds of animals, including pigs chickens and rabbits and had the total responsibility on a 20 acre farm which included irrigation and the care and feeding of all the animals. It was during that very early time in my life that I became dedicated to animal husbandry and love for family and humanity.[egg id=”6″]

We moved to Springville California when I was age 10 to a 40 acre farm which included dairy cattle, registered beef cattle, registered sheep, registered pigs, horses, chickens and many other animals including Pens of pheasants and bee hives as well. Here I had a number of occasions to sew up animals that had wounds from wild animal bites and treated a lambs broken leg with home made splints and casting materials. I also learned how to care for all kinds of sick and ailing animals. In addition I learned how to deliver lambs, calves, and colts. And of course, we had to get up at four AM every morning to milk 15 cows and get home from school the earliest possible time to make sure that the milking was completed by at least 6 PM every evening. It was a very busy time and left little or no time for pleasure or play. We also had a 5 acre plot of ground which was dedicated to all kinds of vegetables crops. And of course we had a fruit and vegetable stand on the road that went to Springville from our farm where we sold all kinds of vegetables which certainly made it almost impossible for us to get into any trouble!

During all of this work we squeezed music lessons into our schedule which included voice lessons, piano, accordion, guitar and violin lessons. We also came from a Quaker religious heritage which gave us an ethical and principled foundation for honest charitable and selfless behavior. Although our fathers work kept him away from home most of the time we had a mother who kept our family always comfortable and happy with her unequaled virtues and good humor; needing to say even more regarding the unparalleled example of her work ethic.

I was a very active 4-H club member with local, regional and state program participation and county and state wide prizes and awards recognition. My brothers and I showed cattle at the Los Angeles livestock exposition as well as County and regional Fairs including the California State Fair and the San Francisco Cow Palace. One year at the Los Angeles exposition My twin brother and I, who sang regularly at local business clubs and civic events, sang a duet at one of the exposition programs which was broadcast over the radio. That was a big thrill! My twin brother and I also represented our County in the California state fair Animal Health and Husbandry demonstration and won first place against all participating counties.

Before I transferred from the 4-H club To the FFA I raised a German Shepherd dog that I sent to San Rafael California to: The Guide Dogs For The Blind. My dog Nan was the first dog in Tulare County to be accepted into their program. I was invited to her graduation and she became the eyes for a factory worker who I am told was able to have a productive career.

In high school I took courses to prepare me for a career in veterinary medicine. I was active in all aspects of the FFA (future farmers of America) [egg id=”9″] where my brother and I continued county state and national level program participation.I held leadership roles as president of our local FFA chapter, as president of our regional chapter and as treasurer of our State FFA organization. My twin brother and I also won the state livestock judging contest held at Cal poly in 1949 and represented our state in the national judging contest at the American Royal livestock exposition at Kansas City Missouri in 1950. We won second place in the nation. This exposition has always been the premier exposition held in America.

In 1949 I also won the local, county, regional and state public speaking contests held each year by The future farmers of America organization. In 1951 I was selected as the star State Farmer in the state of California from approximately 12,000 participating contestants.The irony is that I did not want to be a farmer; I only wanted to be an animal doctor.

In 1952 after graduating from high school and preparing to enter college I was drafted into the army. The selective service act was re-authorized in 1951 as the universal military training and service act and I was one of the 525,000 Young men drafted during the peak of the Korean War. I was in the army medical Corps and was stationed in Oklahoma City in a food and meat inspection detachment. During that time I learned a great deal about nutrition and about good food choices for optimal health. I began attended Oklahoma City University night school where I became profoundly aware that my life could be more meaningful and rewarding as a medical doctor.I realized that the social interaction and broader spectrum of the potential benefits to humanity would be more satisfying intellectually and spiritually

Upon completion of my Army service requirement I entered Chico State College and subsequently Sacramento State College in California in a bachelor of science degree premedical program. I was accepted to two medical colleges in California and elected to go to the University of California Irvine medical school.

I look back on my four years of medical school with enormous appreciation and gratitude. I feel that all of the steps preparing me for this vocation and profession was a part of a master plan organized by a power far beyond myself. My emotional aptitude and mental acuity seemed to fit the curriculum perfectly. My academic achievements allowed me to receive the freshman and sophomore scholastic achievement awards given by the medical schools women’s auxiliary. My graduation from medical school in 1965 was the beginning of a marvelously happy and rewarding 50 years of inspiring and enjoyable pursuits and activities that have never seemed like work.

I have always been passionate in my search for truth in every area of life including politics and religion as well as medicine. I have always endeavored to  penetrate and understand the FORCE within us, within our world and beyond our world that gives man and nature real substance and meaning. I have continually attempted to develop my mental strengths and search for intellectual clarity and understanding. My life since graduating from medical school has been overwhelmingly rewarding but in the last few years it has been somewhat bitter sweet since I have developed a profoundly different view of our world and an insight into many of the root causes for social injustice. Powerful corporations including Big-Pharma and some powerful government agencies that are answerable to no one along with the power cartel that control orthodox medicine is at the very center of this penetratingly ferocious storm that most of us are either not aware of or refuse to believe it could be possible. The purpose of this website at this juncture in my life is to shine a light on our disordered medical system and help us all to find a way to make it more orderly and functional for a way to better health. I am motivated most of all in disseminating information about healthy pathways to A WORLD WITHOUT CANCER!

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