FDA’s Infringement Suppresion and Intimidation

Posted on March 16, 2016

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The FDA is infringing on our personal health choices. It claims regulatory authority over drugs, but defines a drug as anything that is used to diagnose and treat disease. They are in essence, attempting to control everything we do in regard to our health. Our medical system and our physicians are so bound by stringent regulations that we cannot use natural substances to treat and, YES, cure cancer.

The FDA has not always been an agency of infringement suppression and intimidation. At its inception it was designed to be a consumer protection agency. It had its beginning with the appointment… of Lewis Caleb Beck in the patent office to carry out chemical analyses of agriculture products. This has now been inherited by the department of agriculture. The FDA has not been known by its present name until 1930. It’s regulatory function began in 1906 with the passage of the pure food and drug act spearheaded by a chemist in the bureau of chemistry to prohibit Interstate commerce of unlabeled or unbranded food and drugs. So at its inception it was designed to protect and promote the public health. Below is the first postage stamp printed for the FDA in 1906. It looks rather ominous. One can assume or surmise several different connotations but I admit that I am likely supposing something much different than was originally intended!

Unfortunately this agency like many other federal agencies is now held captive and essentially controlled by the corporate interests they are supposed to regulate. This corporate corruption has also hijacked the legislative process for narrow partisan purposes by the corporate power to serve greedy corporate partisan interests rather than the public good.

They cloak their legislative argument so surreptitiously that we do not understand their intended motives. There end game or expected and intended effect is so manipulatively concealed that the voting public votes against their own best interests without even knowing exactly what they’re voting for. Their business acumen and cunning subterfuge creates con artists and trickery of the most pretentious and grave degree.

 It is no wonder that our American legislative branch has become so ineffective and shamefully dysfunctional because the power cartel’s stranglehold on our political process is so insidious. The most heinous scandal in Washington doesn’t even make the press and apparently isn’t against the law. (although I think it should be) Washington has been taken over by lobbyists and campaign contributors who influenced greedy and selfish legislators. The big money corruption that pervades our political system and blemishes and taints every issue the majority of Americans care about…health care, jobs, fair and living wage, equality in the work place, pure food, freedoms to refuse or choose what we consume and what we allow to be subjected to, education, women’s rights, and every aspect of a meaningful and hopeful existence, negates the possibility of democratic political reform and the expected and hoped for changes that we deserve.

The corrupt element controlled by power and greed will not allow the purposeful, altruistic, and honest legislators to allow just, fair, purposeful and meaningful bills out of conference or at least are not allowed the “GOOD FOR PEOPLE” bills to come to a vote. Even if they are voted on the Corporate interests voices are heard above the voice of the people. Our government has been the victim of an elaborately orchestrated takeover  Corporate America has applied it’s most effective cunning and devious business tactics to the task of purchasing the one commodity that’s not supposed to be for sale: Our American democracy,

We are forced to think and act outside of the system in order to physically and emotionally survive their tactics of control and subversion espoused by their greed and insinuation for power and domination. Since we have established that the SYSTEM is so all encompassing and virulent that it has negatively influenced many of the the service and nurturing segment of our humanity we have to formulate and enact a plan to effect optimal health  outside the confines of this system.

We also understand that most of the people we look to for guidance are public servants who’s major aim and purpose is to be helpful. But we also know that doctors, dentists, clergy, mayors, assemblymen, governors up through the echelon of service oriented populace, or supposed servants of humanity, are locked into a network of deception so effective that they are not, for the most part, aware of it themselves. Or they at least are not aware of the overarching ramifications of the corporate power against the public good.

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