Hoxsey Cancer Cure Part III

Posted on January 26, 2016

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The College of Physicians

The College of Physicians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In concluding my assessment of the Hoxsey cancer cure chronicle, I am compelled to conclude that the American medical and political agencies and instruments of power and control have had no past or present intention of sanctioning or allowing a powerfully effective cancer treatment to disparage, disturb, or displace the status quo. It is very obvious that there was always, and is presently, a preconceived strategy to discredit and exclude any and all alternative nontoxic cancer cures from competing with the powerful money making apparatus of the cancer industry. Any competition at all they deem as quackery. It is utterly contemptible and unconscionable that the powerful few can dictate control over the powerless and vulnerable–preventing, in more than 100 years, millions of people from a meaningful existence free of cancer. And to say little of the millions who have died prematurely because they were not treated appropriately or effectively when in fact there was and are effective treatments. What is even more despicable is that now, with all the advances in technology and the irrefutable proof that there are many avenues of cancer cure, that this autocratic, dictatorial, oppressive control over our health care system is exhibiting no inclination of ever allowing us to make our own decisions regarding how or where we receive treatment for cancer.

In 1954, a group of 10 physicians from all over the nation met at the Dallas, Texas Hoxsey Cancer Clinic to make an impartial, independent investigation of his treatment. They concluded, after reviewing more than 100 cases of cancer cures and interviewing more than 100 former and active patients, as follows: “We find as a fact that our investigation has demonstrated to our satisfaction that the Hoxsey cancer clinic in Dallas, Texas is successfully treating pathologically proven cancers of all kinds both internal and external without the use of surgery or radiation. We have established that by all yardstick sub-measurements we have seen sufficient cases to warrant that the Hoxsey treatment is superior to conventional methods of treatment and we are willing to assist this clinic in any way possible in bringing this treatment to the American public. We are willing to use it in our offices, in our practices, for our patients, when at our discretion it is deemed necessary. The above statement represents a unanimous finding of this committee and in testimony there of we hereby attach our signatures”.

S. Edgar Bond, M.D. of Richmond Indiana, Willard G. Palmer, M.D. Seattle Washington, Hans Kalm, M.D. of Akins South Carolina, A.C.Timbs, M.D. of Knoxville Tennessee, Frederick H. Thurston, M.D., D.O. of Boise Idaho, E. E. Loeffler M.D. of Spokane Washington, H. B. Mueller, M.D., of Cleveland Ohio, R.C. Bowie, M.D. of Ft. Morgan Colorado, Benjamin F. Bowers, M.D. of Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, Roy O. Yeates, M.D. of Hardin Montana.

Why do you suppose that this confirmation of his cancer cure and affirmative endorsement did not change or sway any opinions or, more importantly, allow a proven effective treatment to be utilized? It is very obvious that the indefensible, injudicious and unwavering stance and position of the cancer industry is completely oblivious to facts or proof! For more than 100 years, they have Continually prevented the dissemination of truth or altered the truth in every possible way and in every circumstance to fit their own agenda. A big part of the problem is that the masses gravitate toward the loudest and most powerful voices and assume that the sound “crying in the wilderness” is a fool or a quack. We all need to realize that the rich and powerful are wielding unimaginable power over us in every aspect of our lives. We should recognize that the control over our medical choices is just another aspect of their insatiable and indomitable power and control–all fueled and sustained by greed.

One of the principal weapons of compliance and coercion used by any prominent group, powerful corporation and/or government agency was, and still is, the press release and prearranged news coverage of raids and arrests. Trial by public opinion can have far more consequences than trial by jury. Unfortunately, the defendant, if innocent of the charges against him, Will perpetually carry the stigma of guilt in the eyes of the public. In the March, 1947 issue of the JAMA, its editor, Dr. Morris Fishbein, published a spurious assault entitled ‘Hoxsey Cancer Charlatan”. There had been numerous previous attacks and subsequent offensive charges which significantly precluded patient interest and/or honest investigation into the Hoxsey therapy. Again, on February 15, 1949, Fishbein launched a scathing and libelous charge and campaign against Hoxsey–selecting previous Hoxsey assaults from his JAMA editorials. His article/editorial was published in the American weekly, a Hurst paper Sunday supplement. One of the Hurst papers was in Texas, and Hoxsey immediately filed suit against the Hurst papers for libel–libel being “a state offence, not federal offense.” Hoxsey had not been able to file suit against Morris Fishbein for the JAMA editorials, never having been able to catch him in Texas, but now the stage was set for Hoxsey to stand in offence on the prosecution side!

The Hurst trial started on March 16, 1949. Hoxsey’s lawyers were allowed to have only 57 cured patients on the witness stand. The names of the doctors who treated them with surgery and radiation therapy were presented along with the documentation that the doctors had determined all 57 of them as hopeless and terminal with no hope of improvement with organized medicine’s cancer treatments. Each one of the 57 cured patients told how they had come to the Hoxsey clinic with detailed explanations of their treatment and cures. All of them were beyond 5 years of their cure and Some of them had been discharged as long as 12 years and none of them showed any signs of malignancy. To support their testimony, the biopsy reports, hospital records, and entire case histories (including radiation studies done before and after) of each of the 57 cured patients was presented. Three prominent pathologists, all members of the American Medical Association, reluctantly testified that the tissue analyzed from each of these witnesses was definitely malignant.

Many of the doctors who treated these patients individually and collectively testified that they felt the Hoxsey cancer treatment was worthless and had no effect whatsoever on cancer. Of course, on cross examination, they were forced to admit that they had never tested the treatment on patients and had no personal experience. They were basing their opinion on hearsay and not fact. Dr. Fishbein was at the trial at the behest of the Hurst Corporation, and when he took the witness stand to condemn and discredit Hoxsey as a charlatan, he opened himself up for the first time to cross examination. Fishbein was forced to admit that he had never administered the Hoxsey treatment and he had never personally talked to anyone who had been treated by the Hoxsey treatment. He was also forced to admit that he had never treated a single patient in his life for any disease and certainly not cancer, while insisting he was an authority on the disease. He admitted, under oath, that he never practiced medicine one single day of his life and had even failed his anatomy course in medical school. He did graduate, but he never completed his internship. This was the so-called “Arbiter of American medicine”. At the end of the trial, Hoxsey’s lawyers served Fishbein with a subpoena as a primary defendant in separate libel suit. The AMA discharged Fishbein shortly after the Hurst trial.

The court determined Hoxsey was indeed libled by the Hurst article. Hoxsey was now focused on his life purpose and antagnosist Morris Fishbein was now a sole defendent in a trial for libel. The trial would receive enormous national publicity. A 25-year leader and authority figure in the established medical environment was going to be exposed as never having had training whatsoever beyond medical school or having treated a single patient in his life. Thus, when Fishbein finally appeared in Dallas to defend himself, he no longer was the Director of the AMA or the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)–just a private citizen accused of libel and slander of another private citizen.

At the culmination of the trial, all of the 34 issues that were argued were decided in Hoxsey’s favor. The jury ruled that Fishbein’s statement that “Hoxsey had more than 20 years in which to prove such virtues as might have existed in his method; such proof has never been forthcoming” was false. They also ruled that “diagnosis has never been made by scientific methods” was false. The jury found that Fishbein had “acted with malice in doing the things inquired about.” It found that every phrase referring to Hoxsey in the American weekly article was false and intended to injure the reputation of the plaintiff; impeach his honesty, integrity, and virtue; and expose him to public hatred, contempt, ridicule, and financial injury. Fishbein made one very momentous concession during the trial which has never received appropriate attention. Fishbein stated “we’ll admit to the fact that the Hoxsey treatment cures external cancer, we’re not arguing about external cancers, it is internal cancers we’re interested in”. It was a tremendous admission by the one-time head of the AMA, that Hoxsey’s treatment cures external cancers such as melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. Why hasn’t the knowledge of that admission ever been disseminated to the many sufferers from those kinds of cancer? We all know the answer to that question. It has never been allowed to reach those who need it! It was also reported that on his death bed Morris Fishbein admitted that he had lied about Hoxsey’s treatment. Judge Thornton’s written opinion from the case is as follows:

This is my second jury of 12 that has found in my court that the Hoxsey treatment CURES CANCER. I have sat here and listened to over fifty (50) witnesses from all walks of life who say that they have been cured. They have showed their scars; they have given the names of the doctors who operated on them or treated them with x-ray or radium. I have heard the testimony of prominent and eminent pathologists, some of whom I know personally, saying that these patients were suffering from cancer before they went to Hoxsey. I am of the firm opinion and belief that Hoxsey has cured these people of cancer. And the fact that this jury has answered all questions proves that Hoxseyhas been done a great injustice and that the articles and utterances by defendant Morris Fishbein were false, slanderous, and libelous.

It is important to note that Harry Hoxsey had more than 100 legal indictment’s against his cancer therapy, his personal integrity and the thousands of people his treatment cured of cancer. Not a single arraignment charge or accusation ever resulted in a legal prosecution, and yet he suffered for more than 50 years for a cancer treatment that was so profoundly effective that not a single patient ever gave testimony against him. There has never been a report of toxicity from the Hoxsey treatment, which has been used in humans throughout the 20th Century. With all of the evidence presented in trials in which Hoxsey was forced to defend his treatment, all of the patients gave evidential reports of its profound effectiveness. The success rate approached 80% and was essentially always effective in those that did not have their immune system destroyed by chemotherapy or radiation. In 1950, his standard fee for lifetime service and treatment was $400 which was raised from around $150 in the 1940’s. There was no charge for the poor, which included at least 25% of his patients. It was during the 1940’s that my paternal grandmother went to the Hoxsey cancer center in Dallas with metastatic breast cancer and was cured after 3 months at a cost of $150. She lived almost two more decades cancer free.

In 1957, the Texas legislature passed a law that no physician could work for a non-physician. There is no proof that this law has had a single subsequent application in Texas or elsewhere. As of that date, no doctors were legally allowed to work for Harry Hoxsey. His clinic was closed, and, although he planned to move to Nevada or Utah, neither plan materialized. Subsequently, his clinic moved to Tijuana, Mexico. Before he could go himself, he died of a heart attack and a stroke. Even then, the medical establishment fabricated the account that “he died of prostate cancer which was proof that he could not cure cancer–even his own”.

In 1963, his longtime nurse, Mildred Nelson, reluctantly followied her employer’s instructions of leaving off the Hoxsey name and opened the Centro Bio-Medico Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico in a small building on a hill overlooking the city and the Bay of San Diego. This climic is still seeing patients as of today with reports of similar successes.

This concludes the American Hoxsey chronicle. There will be posts in the future that will narrate the Tijuana, Mexico Hoxsey odyssey.

For more information please clink the following link – Hoxsey – Alternative Therapies for Cancer



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