Hoxsey Cancer Treatment Part II

Posted on January 10, 2016

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FDAHoxseyContinuing the amazing Hoxsey chronicle reveals that combined forces, including the medical establishment, the cancer industries, and cooperating government agencies, ultimately dismantled the Hoxsey treatment and drove it “underground” in the U.S. Hoxsey was forced to move his clinic to Mexico, where it still thrives as a successful alternative cancer treatment to the present day. Its treatment philosophy, herbal plant based remedies and dietary principles have been adopted by a number of alternative medical groups and health centers around the world. His clinic in the United States was closed in 1960, but his profound Legacy is now known as the Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico. His clinic was the first alternative cancer treatment to escape to a lesser politically hostile medical environment. Others have since followed to Mexico and to other countries for the same reasons.

In 1924, Hoxsey went to Chicago to meet with Dr. Morris Fishbein, the director and head of the AMA and editor of the American Medical Association medical journal, to gain more exposure and acceptance in the medical community for his cure. Hoxsey had previously proven the efficacy of his treatment by curing a Chicago policeman, Sgt. Thomas Mannix, whose cancer prognosis was terminal. By using both the ointment and tonic, the policeman was completely cured. This is documented in his historical medical records. The Sgt. lived another 10 years free of cancer.

The director of the AMA and his associates were so impressed that they offered to buy the formulas. Because there was no guarantee that the general public would be able to have access to the treatment at a reasonable cost (or at no cost if they were unable to pay), Hoxey refused to hand over the formulas. This was the point in time when the medical establishment began their campaign to destroy this alternative cancer treatment and its founder’s heir and advocate. The AMA claimed that no such offer was ever made. Hoxsey’s “country bumpkin” persona and gregarious, somewhat crude, uneducated affect was used to portray him as a con artist, which he certainly was not. The very real issue was for those with power and control to obtain effective cancer cures for monetary gain, or maybe, more specifically, to obscure and suppress cancer cures to maintain the status quo for monetary control.

It was in 1936 that Hoxsey opened his alternative cancer clinic in Dallas, Texas which became the largest independent clinic in the country. It was with this backdrop that my paternal grandmother who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer was attracted to a noninvasive and nontoxic therapy. She was told by an internist and Oncologist in Riverside, California that she was terminal and needed surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for any survival beyond a few months. Her daughter, my father’s sister, was a radiology technician at a Riverside Hospital and was aware of the dismal success of orthodox treatment in the medical environment where she worked. She took my grandmother to the Hoxsey clinic in Texas. They remained in Texas one week and received the tonic multiple times daily. After the daily treatment, they then brought home enough for a three month course of treatment. The total cost was $150. All of her primary and metastatic cancer lesions resolved and she lived almost two decades, dying of a severe episode of asthma at age 75, still cancer free.

After moving his cancer clinic to Dallas, Texas, Hoxsey would be challenged by another fierce antagonist, the Asst. Dist. Atty., Al Templeton. Fortunately, Hoxsey had made some investment in oil which became profoundly lucrative allowing him to contend effectively in his crusade against many legal challenges brought by the Assistant District Attorney. Hoxsey was arrested numerous times, accruing to 100 times in 2 years. Each time he was able to bail himself out with a large amount of cash he carried just for those occasions. Charges were always dropped as no one would testify against him–he had too many patients who had been cured of cancer and all of his patients were very happy with his treatment.

Al Templeton continued to intimidate and plague Hoxsey until his brother, Mike Templeton, was diagnosed with incurable cancer by orthodox medical diagnostic and radiological studies, including biopsies and pathology reports. Because he was given no hope of a cure he secretly frequented the Hoxsey Clinic for treatments and his cancer was cured. The Assistant District Attorney credited his brothers cure to Hoxsey’s treatment; and, therefore, had a complete about-face with subsequent fervent and passionate belief in the Hoxsey treatment. He then became Hoxsey’s confidant, friend and attorney. He was soon elected as a district judge and now Hoxsey had friends in places of authority–at least in Dallas, Texas.

Hoxsey had a number of satellite clinics in different states which were finding the same acceptance and success as his Dallas Clinic. Many medical and legal successes for Hoxsey, but eventually the FDA (the uncontrolled and uncontrollable “above-the-law” institution) closed and padlocked all 17 of Hoxsey’s clinics. In the third part of this series, I will identify Hoxsey’s challenges on a national level which were even more overwhelmingly slanderous and damaging to the opportunity for a broad scope of “cancer cure” to spread in America.

Part III to follow soon!

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