Why Medicine Won’t Allow Cancer to Be Cured

Posted on January 19, 2016

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All of us can agree that “fear” is a very real and painful emotion that touches every human’s existence. It is inevitably the first emotion that grips any of us who hear the words: “YOU HAVE CANCER”. The allopathic medical community which has been, and is, ordained and controlled by the powerful pharmaceutical industry–and its satellite and associated power cartel – will initially offer you at least a modicum of hope through one or more of its only accepted pathways toward a cure (surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy).

This hope has a very vacant meaning when we realize that two out of every three people who are diagnosed with cancer will die of cancer if treated by the allopathic, typical, accepted medical approach to cancer treatment before or within a five-year period. It is also a very real and established fact that one out of every three people living today will develop cancer during their lifetime. This of itself is a very frightening truth and reality. At the beginning of the 20th Century, one in twenty people developed cancer. In 1940, one in sixteen people developed cancer. In 1970, one in ten people; and, now in 2015, it is one in three. It is also evident from the present trend that very soon (within one to two decades) it will very likely be true that two out of every three people will develop cancer.

An equally painful and disheartening reality is that fear’s darkness causes humanity to make awful choices. The overwhelming dreadful power of fear can rule our lives, paralyze and destroy lofty aspirations, and dash our many hopes and dreams. This ominous controlling face of fear is perpetuated by the medical establishment and the “cancer industry” through their admission that there is no known cure for cancer and they do not have a present known pathway to a cancer cure. This admission is cloaked in deceit as the premise for the foundation of cancer treatment in America–and, for that matter, in the world – is a lie perpetuated by greed. Nowhere is fear espoused more shamelessly as in the powerful controlling apparatus of the pharmaceutical industry and accompanying power cartel.They are making us believe that we can do little or nothing to treat cancer and force an entire nation to hinge its hopes on the drug industry. This fear machine is well oiled by petrochemical dollars, and thus a worldwide monopoly on cancer care is the result. Why is this? Because holistic and alternative medicine has cancer cures that the cancer industry and its advocates have hidden from us for more than 100 years!

This powerful and controlling entity that is engendering all this fear is the product of a very few greedy forces which have erected this powerful scheme of control without the knowledge of almost all of the physicians and caregivers who work within its framework. I can attest to this fact from experience as I am one of those physicians who worked within its framework for many years as a medical oncologist without any knowledge of its existence. I am not making an indictment of any kind toward any medical schools hospitals, cancer centers, my fellow physicians or to any of the thousands of health care workers that are diligently and honorably endeavoring to make a positive difference in the lives of all humanity. As I have become informed and therefore have knowledge about the existence of this face of fear, I am, however, attempting to inform all of my human family, of its existence.

When I graduated from medical school in 1965, I can honestly, but sadly, admit that I had little or no training regarding a healthy diet except that there are number of food groups and that we should have portions from each of these groups every day. Our medical training did not include anything about supplements, vitamins or natural plant based methods of health care. The focus on the treatment of disease was completely about patent drugs. A specific drug or group of drugs was touted as the only method of appropriate treatment for any specific disease. Our training regarding the diagnosis and treatment of cancer with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy has not changed appreciably in 50 years. The cancers that were curable then, and there were a few, are essentially the only ones that are responsive to allopathic medicine now.

This powerful cancer treatment organization should strike fear and anger in all who know its foundation and monopoly of deceit. The earliest beginnings of the scheme was not particularly alarming; but, like most if not all schemes, it had to do with greed or power – or greed AND power. From the very first medical schools that were built, there have been prominent wealthy and powerful men who have made large endowments and contributions to each school. With each significant gift or endowment, there is almost always a clause or stipulation in the endowment document requiring one or more of the contributors office holders to sit on the board of trustees of each of these institutions. You now can connect how the medical school’s curriculum is manipulated to the benefit of the powerful few without the knowledge of the altruistic humanitarian efforts of the school’s founders, its teachers or its many ongoing graduating physicians.

To summarize how this powerful organization of deceit and control was erected, it all began with the pharmaceutical industry first gaining control of the medical schools (the teaching systems) which then gave the American Medical Association all of the power to exclude all other health involved practitioners. Then it took over all of the entire drug testing process from the medical schools and relegated them to the pharmaceutical’s cadre of paid (for profit) institutions. This also included the NCI or National Cancer Institute which is heavily supported by the pharmaceutical industry, while also heavily influencing the medical publications that review these drugs. Finally, big Pharma extended its control over the Federal entity the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) that is supposed to verify those drugs safety and efficacy. It is interesting to note that the FDA has CEOs and board members from the pharmaceutical industry sitting on their board who are making life changing decisions based on greed and power – clearly a conflict of interest. But, power corrupts all of our institutions, even the medical establishment whose decisions affect millions of lives every day. Corrupt men make corrupt decision and we know the result will not favor the masses.

PLEASE watch this video. It will explain in detail this information preamble I have written and much much more.


There are many cures for cancer! Please watch, listen, learn, understand, and act on knowing that this is true. Please ask all of your family and friends to watch this video as well. It will only take about an hour and a half of your time. That is less than the time it will take to watch a movie, but the information can have a long lasting health benefit. Knowledge can liberate us from the fear of cancer, especially if you act on that knowledge.

Imagine a commercial plane crashed and there were some fatalities involved. You can be sure that would make the headline of every major newspaper. Well, we have the equivalent of 8-10 planes crashing EVERY DAY with everyone on board dying from cancer….

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