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Atlanta Georgia
During Medical Residency

My Philosophy

[egg id=”5″] From a very early age I have been very sensitive to the feelings and well being of others and found that my happiness depended on the happiness of those around me. I also realized that I could influence the happiness of others by being helpful and supportive in what they were doing and supportive and encouraging in their accomplishment of positive goals. I now realize that this selflessness had its genesis in the example of unselfish parents.

My mother’s father was a Quaker minister and this spiritual and sharing atmosphere had a profound effect on her principled, selfless influence on my life. My early years, even into my late teens was guarded from much of the selfish aspects of human nature by the generous sharing and giving atmosphere of our home.

After 50 years of medical care of the broad spectrum of people I have had the privilege to serve as a physician, I can say without equivocation that my joy and happiness has been far beyond my expectation. I know that all of the transitions through my life have been orchestrated by a higher power. Even though there have been some bumpy roads when choices take me off course, the Spirit intervenes to get me in step with my life purpose.

I start each day with prayer and meditation. I affirm and reaffirm the positive things I do, and the positive things I can and will do. I also pray for guidance to counsel and encourage my human family  to reach their highest potential physically, emotionally and spiritually. My spiritual life now as always, is my fortress and my connection to all that is wise and fulfilling. I attempt to share my love of God and all his promises by my example. I want to continue my joy and happiness in my evening years by sharing my medical knowledge regarding how to live a long healthy life free of the scourges of CANCER and other DEGENERATIVE DISEASES. [egg id=”14″]

Samaritans Purse

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What Causes Cancer?

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