Politics Is Controlling Our Health Care System

Posted on March 19, 2016

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The FDA is controlling much more than it needs to. It claims regulatory authority over drugs, but defines a drug as anything that is used to diagnose and treat disease. They are in essence, attempting to control everything we put in our mouth. The food we eat ( if a healthy diet), can prevent or treat disease including cancer. A healthy diet is much different than most people think.

Few institutions exercise more influence over our nation’s populace than the U.S Food and Drug Administration. The Pharmaceutical industry, the powerful Insurances Corporations, and the “too big to fail” banks are part of this cartel that keeps the 98% of us fearful of what tomorrow might bring. As for the FDA 2/3 to ¾ of its employees take jobs with the pharmaceutical companies (the very sector they are supposed to be regulating) upon retiring from the government. This powerful alliance has a solidly entrenched policy of manipulation, intimidation and suppression that has been and is profoundly dangerous to America and to its people’s health.

Most people would say surely there can’t be politics in cancer and the healing arts. It must be when breakthroughs are made, the medical profession puts them to use. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were true! It certainly isn’t that simple. In most areas of life, competition usually arranges for the best products to prevail. A free market in health products does not exist in the United States. Effective and nontoxic products (many for cancer) have been shoved aside during most of the 20th Century and certainly now in the 21st century. Pushed forward in their place have been “approved” therapies, usually extremely toxic, which did not win their approval in the open competition of a free market. Instead, approval was dictated and administered from the top down by “official medicine”.

Official medicine consists of the US food and drug administration the national Institute of health, which contains the National Cancer Institute and in addition there are the American Cancer Society, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, the M.D. Anderson in Houston, Roswell Park in Buffalo New York and others. These organizations constitute official medicine, the American medical establishment. It decides what medicines and therapies will be available to Americans, and harshly disciplines doctors who venture outside their guidelines.

As a physician, and as a Board Certified Oncologist, I have been treating cancer patients in my office for most of the 50 years I have been in practice. Because of the dismal effective benefit of my years of oncology practice, and the suppression of effective, non-toxic therapies for cancer I am no longer treating cancer patients. I can advocate specific therapies but I cannot administer specific therapies in my office because of “official medicine” and its stranglehold on using nontoxic, completely harmless natural products which are known to cure cancer. I am certainly an advocate of a free market where nontoxic therapies can compete freely and openly with the toxic therapies currently accepted by the medical establishment, and the freedom for doctors and patients to use them.

Unfortunately this is not going to happen. It is possible that it could happen if enough people were informed of what the powerful Corporations and “above the law” agencies are forcing us to do, and were united to stand up to this INJUSTICE, but, I have no optimism at all that this will happen. Therefore, since it is impossible for us to change the system and since it is true that I cannot administer nontoxic cancer therapy in my office, I will have to endeavor outside the system to inform and educate the public. Let it be known to all, that there are many non-toxic natural therapies that can and do CURE CANCER!! Everyone has the freedom to choose. Get the spectrum of valid cancer therapy information and then you can use the wisdom to choose wisely.

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