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Posted on January 18, 2016

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The key to a healthy immune system and prevention of the scourges of cancer and other degenerative diseases is the result of HEALING FOODS for the body, mind and spirit. Good nutrition is the open door to a new awareness and the beginning of progressive physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness.

When we begin to recognize that the body has the ability to create within us life-giving and life-preserving substances out of the food we eat, we also recognize that the food we eat, if it is not healthy and nutritious, will prevent the access of building blocks to assimilate and create life preserving health. The consequence is illness and disease. It therefore follows that freedom from disease of every kind including cancer is profoundly dependent on the food we eat!

All of us are aware of how our diet, which includes anything we drink, can affect the way we feel. We can easily recall the effect of an alcoholic drink especially if we only drink occasionally, or a cup of coffee, or after a big meal and especially after a celebration dinner. As a physician I have been able to tune into these feelings, at least in part, because I have through my own initiative and survival interests been schooled about the effects I can expect. I have also become even more sensitive to the many nuances of effect because I  have for several years been on a near 100% organic diet. Presently if I celebrate in a family dinner or party and have an overload of carbohydrates or any sugar containing food I become restless and even anxious and have a problem with focus and concentration. Then later I have a problem sleeping. Because of this learned behavior I know that most of my family, my friends and my neighbors are not eating for optimal health. Most people have become desensitized to the effects of an unhealthy diet because of repetitive conditioning. Cancer and other degenerative diseases can be, and often is a product of these unhealthy dietary choices.

A correct nutritional balance and healthy diet is the most important element in what all of us can do to prevent cancer. It is also the most important component in the non-toxic natural treatment which can “cure” cancer. This means that NATURES BOUNTY,  if used correctly can also prevent and or ameliorate or minimize the morbidity of many degenerative diseases as well as cancer. This occurs by fortifying and boosting the immune system to prevent the effects of multiple numerous physical, biological and chemical insults to our bodies. The immune system is the primary barrier against all kinds of degenerative diseases. It also prevents the spread of cancer cells and the onset of tumor progression by destroying the build up of cancer cells when biological insults, toxic substances, and chemical toxins invade our bodies from our environment.

First of all I will itemize things that we should not eat. Pork should be avoided completely. The pig is toxic by nature because the food stays in the stomach for hours which ferments and becomes highly toxic. Pigs do not sweat or have lymphatic systems to remove the toxins from their bodies therefore they absorb the toxins into the muscle tissue. Especially avoid processed pork such as ham, sausages, hotdogs and bacon which are loaded with toxins and have harmful chemical additives such as nitrates which are damaging to healthy cells in the body. We all know how good these foods taste but we also need to realize that they are dangerous and should be avoided especially if you have a serious illness or if you want to avoid a serious illness which pf course includes cancer.

You should also avoid certain seafoods, such as clams, shrimp, lobster’s, and or anything with a hard shell. Shellfish are cleaners of the sea and retain a high quantity of toxins in their system. We should only eat fresh or wild fish and no farmed fish. We should also avoid fish without fins or scales such as eels, catfish, octopus and other seafood which the book of Deuteronomy in the Bible called unclean. 

We should also avoid completely hydrogenated oils and trans fats. We should consume only cold pressed Seed oils or any cold pressed oil’s including olive oil flaxseed oil and sunflower seed oil are acceptable. Virgin coconut oil is really the best when cooking because it is one of the few oils that does not break down under high temperatures. Steaming foods is the most important way to cook and therefore would essentially avoid the need for cooking oils.

We should always avoid deep-fried foods including french fries, chicken, fish and doughnuts. Avoid chips of all kinds. We should also avoid pastries that are purchased in the store  as they contain high amounts of hydrogenated oil‘s and trans fats in the cooking process. To say little about the content of sugar and flour.

We should avoid all fruit juices from concentrate which usually has a very high sugar content and no remaining vitamins. It may also contain excessive amounts of high fructose corn syrup which is also a toxic substance and inhibits normal body function especially the insulin mechanism of normal metabolism and fat storage. We must also avoid carbonated beverages or fizzy drinks which contain excessive amounts of sugar or sugar substitutes which can be even more harmful.

Also avoid all dairy products except for cottage cheese which is used in the Budwig diet which I will explain in detail later. Certain kinds of yogurt or fermented products of dairy origin are allowed. Some high-quality cheeses such as Gouda, Herb cheese, Camembert , Brie, Gervais and goat cheese at no more than 2 ounces per day is allowed. Butter however is best to avoid. I will now add a number of items briefly, that I will discuss later which should be avoided, including commercial ice cream. Sugars of all kinds including maple syrup and molasses, black tea and coffee or anything containing caffine, soy milk and soy products. Processed foods of all kinds should be voided because they contain an unhealthy quantity of refined salt sugar and preservatives. Food should not be cooked in the microwave because it destroys many of the health giving benefits of food. We should always avoid the aluminum cooking ware or aluminum foil. Cooking should be done with enamel cookware, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and corning cookware.

I will now itemize foods that I would encourage everyone to eat. First all natural fruits are acceptable and of course it is preferable to get organically raised fruit. Berries of all kinds are extremely beneficial. It is important to make your own fruit juice and get a juicer that will allow you to keep all the pulp with the juice. Dried organic fruit of all kinds, especially figs and dates which are the two most complete foods that can be eaten are important to maintain good health and boost the immune system which aids in preventing cancer and is an important component in the treatment of cancer.

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