Prevent and Cure Cancer with Natures Bounty

Posted on January 18, 2016

The key to a healthy immune system and prevention of the scourges of cancer and other degenerative diseases is the result of HEALING FOODS for the body, mind and spirit. Good nutrition is the open door to a new awareness and the beginning of progressive physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness. When we begin to recognize that […]

“Monsanto Protection Act” Dropped from Senate Bill to Delight of GMO Critics

Posted on December 28, 2015

I am pleased that we are beginning to make some headway in our efforts to eliminate one of the aspects of Monsanto’s poisonous grip on our health…

Say NO! to monsanto! (Photo credit: adriansalamandre) Opponents of genetically modified organisms ( GMO ) celebrated this week after the  U.S. Senate  dropped a controversial provision allowing agricultural companies to ignore judicial rulings….

GMO Corn and Increased Birth Defects

Posted on December 12, 2015

Citizens and physicians in Waimea, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii are very frightened and as result very distressed and apprehensive because of the near thousand percent increase in birth defects that have occurred on this island over the past 5 years. This anomalous change is felt to be directly related to the spraying of insecticides, fungicides and […]

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